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the combined energy company for the Next Generation
Electricity; the delivery consumption, and use of it is one of the most transformative parts of science that effect our everyday life. It is the fabric and foundation that trillion dollar economies are built on, comprised of government, healthcare systems, education, businesses, and homes. However for nearly 1.3 billion people in this world in under developed countries, that energy fabric and foundation does not exist and without it there is poverty, disease, lack of clean water, and lack of education.  
From eighth grade where I was given the lead role of Thomas Edison in a school play called ‘The Sunshine Man’, to my time in college as a computer engineer, through the time I worked for Westinghouse Electric and Eaton Corporation in the area of electricity and energy systems, I always believed that technology would eventually allow for a better way to bring energy to all parts of the world; that one day people would be able to harness their own energy by capturing sunlight and utilizing local clean fuels sources, and energy systems would look and work more like computer and telecommunication networks with intelligence and going in two directions versus a single direction. I sought out to find thought leaders and innovators in their respective fields that could help me with this vision. People that had been involved in innovating telecommunications, the internet, power systems, and financial systems. The result is Veriown, headquartered in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. 
Just as in 1893 at the World`s Fair in Chicago where the genesis of the initial electrification of the world was born from the ‘War of the Currents’ between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse, we are at the doorstep of a new era in history where solar technology, energy storage, micro engines, software, telecommunications, and the internet will allow us to deliver micro grids and new energy networks to all corners of the planet, as well as, modernize the aging fossil fuel based central energy networks of today.
At Veriown we call this new era the ‘human global energy network’. As part of New Generation Power International and the visionary leadership of our Chairman, Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria, who has innovated nearly every area of technology and networks, NGPI and Veriown bring to you the combined energy company for the Next Generation. This is the energy company for today’s generation and for generations to come.  
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